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WTF Crypto-Anarchy??

Crypto-anarchism is a political ideology that advocates the use of cryptography and other technologies to protect individual privacy, freedom, and autonomy from state interference. Crypto-anarchists believe that by encrypting their communications and transactions, we can create a decentralized and voluntary society that is immune to censorship, surveillance, and taxation. The term crypto-anarchism was coined by Timothy C. May in his 1988 "Crypto Anarchist Manifesto", where he declared: "Crypto Anarchy is the cyberspatial realization of anarchism, transcending national boundaries and freeing individuals to make the economic arrangements they wish, consensually." May was one of the founders of the cypherpunk movement, a group of activists and hackers who promoted the use of cryptography and digital currencies to challenge the authority of governments and corporations. The cypherpunks were influenced by libertarian and anarchist thinkers such as Murray Rothbard, David

Setting up a Bitcoin Investment Wallet

So now you've decided you want to buy some bitcoin, but what will you do with it? Well the most basic, and sometimes most profitable, thing to do is just wait. The price of bitcoin is only going to rise for the foreseeable future, definitely for rest of 2019. Of course you could see the price drop, perhaps drastically, and you could see a $1000 investment fall to $800 in value, but with public enthusiasm behind bitcoin, and with the ever growing uses for its existence, that price will indefinitely bounce back.  But is there anything you can do to help safe guard your investment? Yes, for one, you can use stablecoins, which are essentially alt coins that resist the effects of price volatility. Stablecoins hold their value almost exactly, and will only fluctuate 1%-3% on average. This can be a curse and a blessing, it will insulate your investment from bearish markets, but will also prevent growth of your bitcoin wallet's value in times of bullish behavior. It's g

The Practicality of Anti-Politics

The Zero Sum Game of Parliamentary Seats The idea of democracy, and the idealistic sculpture its supporters have carved out of that idea is nothing short of a bootleg & a fraud. The propaganda surrounding the idea is so strongly rooted in the public DNA that it has become alien to question the institution of democracy itself. If you follow the norms and codes of the day, you might have permission to nibble on the corners of individual ideas from the institution, but don't you dare touch the structure, that one is built on sacred land! It isn't hard to see why the idea is protected and nurtured by willing participants in the fraud. It's promoted, packaged and marketed neatly - but when there is no correlation between the product & it's description, you are just buying into the trailer's glamour and special effects, not the movie. You get one vote. If your idea (vote) is part of the majority, you win, otherwise your side lose.[1] The reality

A Primer on Homesteading for Agorists

The decision to homestead is similar to a country declaring independence. When America was young, they actually had a pretty decent understanding of freedom. A minuscule tax on tea and stamps and a few cops parking themselves around was all it took for the early Americans to realize “No, you will not rule us, you have no authority here.” Although we suffer far more state intrusion than they ever did and we accept most of it, the most powerful way to subvert their power and reduce their ownership claims on our lives that they can do nothing about, is in adopting the mentality of a homesteader. Homesteading is typically thought of as a family getting land and living off grid, raising animals and growing plants to produce as much as they can for themselves. In future articles I could expound on why this stereotype exists as it follows naturally from what I am about to tell you if there is interest. I could also go into traditional homesteading content, let me know in the commen

First Time Buyer's Guide to Bitcoin

Despite the known advantages of cryptocurrency, many people choose to continue using fiat USD. I believe this fact is a consequence of fear - fear of learning something new, fear of uncertainty, and of change in general. Getting started is really a matter of knowing how to obtain crypto, and which vendors qualify as reliable and honest service providers. This article is my account of getting started with this new, advanced technology; bitcoin. First off, where do you buy bitcoin? There are a few different ways to do this, but some things must be taken into account, like the market price in respect to vendor cost. With bitcoin, this difference can range anywhere from almost nothing to hundreds of dollars per coin. A couple of other things to take into account are method of payment, and the time it takes for your coins to be available for trade.  The most common methods of payment for bitcoin are as follows. You can pay directly through your bank account, which is lin

5 Ways State Interference Leads to Class Antagonism

A fundamental principle of the Socialist doctrine is that of class antagonism. The bourgeois, or the "rich", its proponents contend, are necessarily in conflict with the working proletariats as the former seeks to enrich themselves as much as possible at the expense the latter receiving lower wages than he considers appropriate for his work. Though this argument sounds logical at first as an appeal to incentive structures, it misses a crucial component: competition. In an economy with relatively many competing companies, a worker dissatisfied with his wages or other working conditions at the company he's working for may transfer to a different one more in line with his ideal. This is especially the case if he works arduously by building up his skill set and excels at his work. The employer may then become inclined to increase wages and/or improve working conditions, either because of a feeling of moral obligation to pay the worker closer to the value he contribu

The Louisville Black Markets: A Case Study in the Ethics of Counter-Economics

It has long been a running joke that someone who pays $20.00 for a gram of marijuana is new to the market; but does an analysis of this phenomenon, as well as other observations about market forces at play indicate some conclusions about the illegitimacy of statist claims about the black market? Why is $20.00 for a gram such a laughable price for a substance that is federally—and often locally—prohibited? The short answer is that while this substance and its distribution exist in the black market, also known as under state prohibition, it does not exist in red market: the set of transactions that is both state-prohibited and immoral. The state would like to have people believe that these two markets are indistinct: they would like the populace to believe that anything they prohibit must also be immoral because it was prohibited by a legitimate entity (themselves). The market for marijuana—this article will focus on the Louisville market (where it is still locally banned)—exhi

Crypto Bans & Privacy Coins

Deep in the heart of New Delhi, among the bustling traffic & hints of curry, lies one of the world’s largest and most powerful criminal organizations - the government of India. Like similar groups of bandits, the Indian government enjoys a coercive monopoly on fiat currency, which they use to siphon wealth off their victims. Overseeing this particular heist, is a section of the gang known colloquially as the Reserve Bank of India. It’s widely believed that the RBI is behind India’s expected ban on cryptocurrencies next month, although they deny any involvement. Frightened by the prospect of losing their monopoly on money - or rather, their monopoly money - the gang is threatening cryptocurrency users with 10 years in one of their lackluster cages. It’s worth noting that although this is the first such ban to be proposed, other governments seeking to protect their monopolies are watching the situation in India closely, and if all goes well - are likely to follow suit.

The Yemen Connection: An Appendage of the Failed American Empire

Here we go again. The American Empire lying straight to the face of Lady Liberty as it shamelessly slaps her around like a whore on Saturday, coming up with BS excuse after BS excuse as to why America needs to invade country x, and starting illegal wars one after the other. If you've been around the past 20 years, this mess ain't new to you – if you paid attention, that is. One conflict has unfortunately been overlooked, however: Yemen. America's intervention in one of the poorest countries in the Middle East has inflicted genocide on a civilian population as it continues to aid the Saudi effort to push the Houthi rebels out of power. The catastrophe in Yemen is a creation of the US Empire, and when the curtains are pulled back it's crystal clear that America’s pipe dream ends will never justify the tyrannical means imposing misery on the Yemeni people. It's official: the Houthi rebels have announced the only reason they continue to fight in Y

Thinly veiled Tyranny

The sheep in the herd, the voters, are more than willing to hand out whips to anyone "in charge." Nobody is free from sin in a democratic environment and that kind of structure teaches participants to punish behavior you oppose by appealing to the structure itself. It is a weird practice. You can stick your nose in anyone's business without having to actually do much more than writing an e-mail or gather with like-minded around a digital campfire somewhere and hope some of it will reach the political class.  "There should be a law!" Heard that one before? The right-wing part of Swedish Twitter built a dog-pile over an article that a local Green Party politician wrote. An article where he had the audacity to suggest that parents rule over their children.[1] When you hear it like that it doesn't make sense, right? Why would right-wingers be against that? Don't they understand parenting and parental rights in the Swedish conservative movement? A

It's Not Easy Being Green (New Deal)

Welp, it's Summer in Texas again. Needless to say it's hot as hell, but I'll take this moment to soak up this heat for the next 12 years while I can, because we don’t have a choice…because we’re all gonna die if we don’t… because of temperature…I won’t even say if it’s because it’s too damn hot, or too damn cold because depending on the day and what these progressive-democratic-socialist nuts think or feel, it could be either depending which way the wind blows (or if it’s blowing at all). So my initial thoughts, as you might have already guessed, is that this thing is complete bull. If “climate change” or “global warming”, or whichever term they feel is more expedient at the time, was such a big deal, then it would be the only thing we’d hear about, everyone would be on board with this. I don't think that our so-called leaders in power, or Americans for that matter, would be too quick to make the sacrifices necessary to save the planet. I could be wrong t