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Against the IFP

Centralizing control over a currency’s infrastructure is a seemingly obvious mistake.

One would think any Austro-libertarian worth their salt would be able to see thru such a charade. Yet here we are, again. Face to face with economic illiteracy. Not garden variety lefist economic illiteracy, but one far more stinging and painful - one which comes from within our own community, rather than from without. 

First, Bitcoiners faced the economic illiteracy of maximalism and small blockers. Attempts to masquerade money’s primary function as value storage (Ammous) or rejecting Menger’s Regression Theorem altogether (Szabo) are luckily demonstrably false. Nevertheless, the shock of our fellow Bitcoiners illiteracy was like an unexpected slap in the face. Suddenly, we were forced to confront the fact that the ignorance of our allies in the fight for sound money, had led them astray. Yet, thru BCH we were thankfully able to keep Satoshi’s dream of peer to peer cash intact. 
Well, crypto anarch…

Setting up a Bitcoin Investment Wallet

So now you've decided you want to buy some bitcoin, but what will you do with it? Well the most basic, and sometimes most profitable, thing to do is just wait. The price of bitcoin is only going to rise for the foreseeable future, definitely for rest of 2019. Of course you could see the price drop, perhaps drastically, and you could see a $1000 investment fall to $800 in value, but with public enthusiasm behind bitcoin, and with the ever growing uses for its existence, that price will indefinitely bounce back.

 But is there anything you can do to help safe guard your investment? Yes, for one, you can use stablecoins, which are essentially alt coins that resist the effects of price volatility. Stablecoins hold their value almost exactly, and will only fluctuate 1%-3% on average. This can be a curse and a blessing, it will insulate your investment from bearish markets, but will also prevent growth of your bitcoin wallet's value in times of bullish behavior. It's great for people who want to time jumps in market price, but this often takes hours of research and planning, and you have to monitor the market to actually make the trades. The advantage of stablecoin is essentially the same as pressing the save button on a video game, it allows you to wait out unfavorable market conditions, consequentially enabling you to play the market. 

The reason stablecoins even really exist is that many exchanges will not convert your BTC to USD within the exchange, or they will charge a substantial fee to do so. Stablecoins are just like any other alt coin, you can move from BTC, to a stablecoin, and back again, all within the exchange and all for a negligible price. 

But how does this actually look on the exchange? Let's say you invest $1000 in bitcoin when the price is at $1000 per coin so you end up with 1 BTC in your wallet. You hold onto the BTC until the price is $1200, and then you trade your 1 BTC to a stablecoin like USDC for fear of a coming drop in price. You now have $1200 worth of USDC in your wallet. From here the price drops from $1200, to $800; well for you this doesn't matter because you still have $1200 worth of USDC. Great isn't it? 

A different scenario, let's say from $1200 in USDC, the price of BTC drops to $1100, and you decide to trade the USDC to bitcoin because you predict that this price will come back up to at least $1200. You now have approximately 1.091 BTC in your wallet. Sure enough, the price then goes all the way to $1300, at which point you sell your 1.091 BTC, you now have $1418.30 USDC in your wallet. Still with me? Cool, because I want you to see the difference between trading, and investing in bitcoin. Had you only held onto your 1 BTC the whole way through, which was bought at $1000, you would only walk away with $300 profit in the end. However, it took less effort, and was less of a risk. That is what an investment wallet is. 

Historically, people who have bought bitcoin and held onto it for years have come out with a much more valuable wallet in the end. There's nothing wrong with opening an investment wallet, and leaving it alone for a long time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just keep in mind that you need at least some knowledge of which coins are doing what and why. Both methods of using crypto are great, neither one is right or wrong, it's just good to know which way you want to go. 

"Look dude, all I want is to buy some bitcoins." OK, I hear you, but WHY? Do you want to buy things with bitcoin? Maybe a vendor offers lower prices if they are paid with crypto, its great for that. Maybe you want to buy something you can't get with USD, its great for that too. Maybe you just want to keep your money safe from the inevitable crash of fiat currencies around the work, its great for that too. But please understand the nature of bitcoin, it's price will be a moving factor regardless of your reason for buying. 

When investing, an old school approach was to learn the history and the practical purpose behind a particular stock; its the exact same for crypto. Every cryptocurrency has a story, has a different reason for being created, and has a different use. This will play a major role in its value and will also help you decide which ones are best for you. Some of the highest volume crypto currencies are BTC, LTC, ETH, BNB, IOTA, and XMR. Research them, find out where they are heading in the future, where they were in the past, and why they were valued at any particular price at any given time. 

No matter how much you read, learn, or understand the crypto market, the most important step to take is to BUY. Get your hands dirty, jump in the deep end, that's what it's all about. You might fail, you might lose, but keep your head up and keep going. 

Below are some links to explain what the most popular alt coins are, as well as a link for a great market analysis site, and a couple of videos which help to explain how to play the market with investment wallets or trading. 

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