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Against the IFP

Centralizing control over a currency’s infrastructure is a seemingly obvious mistake.

One would think any Austro-libertarian worth their salt would be able to see thru such a charade. Yet here we are, again. Face to face with economic illiteracy. Not garden variety lefist economic illiteracy, but one far more stinging and painful - one which comes from within our own community, rather than from without. 

First, Bitcoiners faced the economic illiteracy of maximalism and small blockers. Attempts to masquerade money’s primary function as value storage (Ammous) or rejecting Menger’s Regression Theorem altogether (Szabo) are luckily demonstrably false. Nevertheless, the shock of our fellow Bitcoiners illiteracy was like an unexpected slap in the face. Suddenly, we were forced to confront the fact that the ignorance of our allies in the fight for sound money, had led them astray. Yet, thru BCH we were thankfully able to keep Satoshi’s dream of peer to peer cash intact. 
Well, crypto anarch…

Is A New Libertarian Revolution In The Air For 2020?

To all non-political participating Libertarians, if everything you’ve seen about the LP is a disaster, then I’m sorry you feel that way. You might have a fair point. I won’t go into any silly shenanigans or examples and poke fun at meritless shills, but I sympathize with your point of view. Those guys are typically an embarrassment. I have heard the argument from fellow Libertarians that in the election of 2016, the LP literally couldn’t have been handed a more amazing opportunity than in the past couple of elections. Gary Johnson was just a protest vote against the two worst candidates in history: Donald J. Trump, and Hilary Clinton. There is clear pressure to break from the status quo and they have wasted all of their energy trying to be more status quo, such as Bill Weld running against Trump as a Republican, and Amash becoming a Democrat.

However, this time there is actually something over there worth paying attention to. Is another Ron Paul Revolution in the air?

Jacob G. Hornberger, former practicing lawyer and founder of the Future of Freedom Foundation, has announced his run for the Libertarian Presidential candidate of 2020. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard a lot of the other Libertarians running aren’t that bad at all. However, Hornberger is good on every issue because he’s a generalist. He takes current events and gives the best libertarian perspective on them he can. He’s written an article almost every day on FFF for 30 years straight. So if you have no idea where he stands on what issue, there’s no excuse for you not to do your homework.

You can’t argue against running a former Texas Democrat turned radical-minarchist Libertarian who has the capability to make your mom vote for him. Also, he wants to “abolish the CIA.”

However, maybe a victory for the LP doesn’t look like winning the Presidency? Maybe it’s simply to change Americans' minds and vote in more Libertarians at the state level? That’s what 2020 is all about. Not winning. Not being the goofy, fringe Libertarians who roller skate naked at the ark with a doobie in their free-waving jazz hands. it’s about education and being honest to the American people by reminding them what this country was founded on: Liberty. The act of carrying out this practice is none other than the Libertarian Creed: The Non-Aggression Principle. AKA: Don’t hurt people, don’t take their stuff. The only act of aggression should be done in self-defense to protect your loved ones and your community. That’s where a free society starts: the community. Secession.

More and more I grow warmer to the idea that a free society starts locally, and then suddenly, secession. Whether secession begins with local legislation, or tech-savvy entrepreneurs of the 21st century developing innovations like a hard, liberty-based, decentralized money, to put autonomy back into the peoples’ hands to protect their property rights once and for all. Who truly knows? However, this is what the Libertarian presidential campaign is all about. Spreading knowledge and new ideas that will start to make people think, and empower them for good. Inevitably, the seeds of liberty will be planted in the minds of free-thinking individuals, and will blossom new innovations in the free market that will liberate us from the ever growing, encroaching state.

As the Great Ron Paul points out in his book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, the candidates propped up on the left and right are false candidates because they don’t address the issues that impact this country the most. Instead, they use flippant examples like protecting the rights of boys wanting to be girls, or criticizing pork-legislation that’s worth billions of tax-payer dollars to save the salamanders from the melting ice caps, or whatever stupid distraction is popular at the time. But that’s all their campaign promises are: distractions. They are no different from the distractions and propaganda Americans are force-fed via the mainstream media. This propaganda distracts Americans from the fact that their liberties which this country was founded on has been deteriorating for centuries.

The Founders of this nation strove to escape a tyrannical police-state that imposed taxation without representation, and protected such liberties in the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, the tyranny of the state has only exacerbated since then, establishing a national consensus that neglects the Founders' documented protection of our inalienable rights. To quote The Great Joke Master In Chief, Dave Smith, “America started as the smallest government in history, and is now the largest government in history.” At the end of the election, Tom Woods’s Law will always prevail, and we will have another John McCain in the White House, once again.

It’s candidates like Hornberger who will push aside these "non-arguments", and address the real issues like the toxic relation ship between the Federal Reserve and the forever wars, and how the wars always come back home. Just look at the DHS after 9/11. An increased surveillance state is a war on the people to "protect us from the terrorists over there." Therefore, they must listen to our phone calls, collect our personal information in the form of bulk data, and fondle our genitals at the airport. Not to mention how the Federal Reserve is the culprit of the economic devastations that occur every 8 - 12 years via artificially low interest rates which distort the market and cause mal-investment. Thus bubbles are created and eventually burst because resources to create those wrongfully invested projects in each bubble were not actually available in the market. Once the Fed bails out the banks with money they printed out of thin air, or more appropriately they just type a digit into a bank account, rampant inflation occurs to every individual, poor and not-so-poor, destroying their purchasing power, and decreases their standards of living and prosperity.

Lest we forget, the reason we run candidates like Paul and Hornberger is not to win the Presidency (although that’s always a plus), but because they are principled Libertarians, meaning they are true centrists who should appeal to any average, a-political American, regardless of where their biases may lean. Hornberger achieves this goal by following Horton’s Rule: fight the right from the right, and the left from the left. This is what makes Libertarians principled because they are the best on the most important issues Democrats and Republicans should stand for. Poking holes in their arguments is a walk in the park. This is what keeps libertarians consistently radical: being radically consistent.

If any of the above is the least bit compelling, you should join the LP. Not only that, but become a delegate in your state. Once again, to the jaded Libertarian who is fed up with the political process, and carries the notion of:

“Did the LP get anywhere with getting into presidential debates in the past?”

Yes, comrade. It’s called The Ron Paul-Giuliani moment. Yet, should he retort with:

“Nobody lowers taxes. Nobody stops wars. Nobody represents my views. Nobody will ever have my vote.”

Then that, my brothers and sisters, is exactly the type of message we’re trying trying to send. Let's start a revolution.

What are you waiting for? There's under 15K registered Libertarians.

Join the LP. Perhaps consider becoming a delegate.



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