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The Underlying Problem with Young Americans For Liberty

  The Underlying Problem with Young Americans For Liberty   Derrell McIver Warning: This article includes discussion and description of sexual harassment.   “Political power is not being chummy with politicians. To effect real change, you have to threaten a politician's power.” -anonymous This is a very difficult article for me to write. Going into college, I did not know how of any political organization that shared my values of Liberty. That was until I helped in the founding of a Young Americans for Liberty chapter and became a dues-paying-member. After a brief interest in the Libertarian Party, I realized that YAL and its associated organizations were the best chance we have at seeing Liberty in politics in our lifetimes. Some people will read this article and call it “cancel culture.” That is not the intent. For that very reason, I have not included the name of the sexual harasser. Instead he will be given the name ‘John’. My goal here is to call out the leaders

Dear America, I Won't Be Locking Down

Dear America

I won’t be locking down, not that I ever did.

And I don’t care about the arbitrary mandates of a geriatric pedophile with a history of dementia.

I don’t wear the muzzle or social distance. Nor do I have any plans to start.

I won’t be avoiding friends or family & I actively seek out large public gatherings. Needless to say, it’ll be a cold, cold day in hell before the government injects my living body with a foreign substance or keeps me from my family on Thanksgiving Day.

You see, I knew from day one that COVID was a hoax. More specifically, when videos of Chinese people dropping dead in the streets were being broadcasted by Western propaganda outlets, it became clear this was essentially a soft coup. As a general rule, anything coming from the CCP should immediately be assumed to be intentionally falsified for malicious purposes.

Friends, what has happened is obvious.

The political cartel has manufactured a virus because fear enables them to seize power & furthers their goal of enslaving mankind. On a more granular level, COVID was both a convenient scapegoat for the central bank’s mismanagement of the global economy, and a means to an end in extricating the rogue band of socialists cloistered around Trump from the White House, and returning the establishment Democrats to the throne. Moreover, it enabled them to shift the Overton window of acceptable civil liberties violations in previously unimaginable ways.

First, the virus was used as justification for mail-in voting & mail-in voting was the primary tool the establishmentarians used to aid them in their electoral fraud, thus allowing them to seize power. As Jeff Deist has pointed out, if you’d feel uncomfortable sending your license or social security card through the mail, there’s no reason to assume your ballot is any more secure.

It’s important to note, the reason why mail-in voting is insecure is because USPS is socialized by the federal government. Which begs the question: Since USPS is under charge of the executive branch, is assigning the incumbent administration the task of ensuring “fair elections” consistent with the spirit of checks & balances? No, friends, these loopholes of electoral integrity (as if such a thing could exist) were intentionally created to corrupt the process & were justified under the guise of a made-up scamdemic.

Secondly, the virus was used to justify a massive “stimulus” package, which for all intents & purposes, amounted to the largest heist in human history. The injection of easy money by the Fed earlier this year was to the economy as a shot of heroin is to an ailing junkie experiencing withdrawals; a facade of temporary relief. And just as the shot of dope masks the junkie’s true problem - substance addiction; so too did the stimulus package mask the Fed’s true problem, an addiction to cheap money.

Note that these cracks in the global economy didn’t suddenly appear in March. Nor was the injection of liquidity to keep the Fed’s ponzi scheme alive made necessary by COVID. These cracks first appeared alongside the rise of fiat currency & grew with it. They are the direct result of bankers devaluing our money for decades on end.

Finally, the state used the virus to justify a massive transfer of power from the people to the states. Even one of the 9 lunatics in bat suits, Sam Alito said:

“We have never before seen restrictions as severe, extensive and prolonged as those experienced for most of 2020. The COVID crisis has served as sort of a constitutional stress test.”

...A stress test failed miserably.

Videos of women and children being abducted from playgrounds in Idaho, Jewish services being raided in NY, & businesses shuttered nationwide, all bear the burden of this failure. I am convinced this loss of liberty is mere preparation for what’s to come.

Less than 20 years ago TSA checkpoints were controversial. Less than 5 years ago domestic surveillance was controversial. Both are now largely accepted by the fluoride drinkers. I venture to guess that in 5-10 years, the sort of rights-violations noted above, will no longer be controversial either. The virus has enabled the state to shift the Overton window & further domesticate their cattle.

Luckily, in all aspects, agorists are two steps ahead of the state.

Electoral fraud got you down? Stop Voting.
Another corporate bail-out wiped out your 401K, again? Become your own bank
Politicians violating your liberty? Ignore the illegitimate gangsters.

Friends, now is not the time to discuss theory or messaging. Now is the time for direct action, for innovative & entrepreneurial, counter-economics. Take control of your life, cut your chains & join your agorist brethren on the front lines in the modern struggle for liberty!

Lord knows we’re going to need all the help we can get!


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