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WTF Crypto-Anarchy??

Crypto-anarchism is a political ideology that advocates the use of cryptography and other technologies to protect individual privacy, freedom, and autonomy from state interference. Crypto-anarchists believe that by encrypting their communications and transactions, we can create a decentralized and voluntary society that is immune to censorship, surveillance, and taxation. The term crypto-anarchism was coined by Timothy C. May in his 1988 "Crypto Anarchist Manifesto", where he declared: "Crypto Anarchy is the cyberspatial realization of anarchism, transcending national boundaries and freeing individuals to make the economic arrangements they wish, consensually." May was one of the founders of the cypherpunk movement, a group of activists and hackers who promoted the use of cryptography and digital currencies to challenge the authority of governments and corporations. The cypherpunks were influenced by libertarian and anarchist thinkers such as Murray Rothbard, David

The Counter-Economics of COVID

In March 2020 - some say earlier, but by March 2020 at latest - the banking had sector collapsed.

In response, coronavirus was manufactured as a scapegoat to justify the liquidity injection necessary to keep the Federal Reserve’s ponzi scheme alive. The State’s narrative would henceforth be: ‘Since all businesses were shut down, an unprecedented amount of money must be printed and distributed to the public.’ Milton Friedman’s helicopter money had come to fruition.

But like a junkie chasing his initial high, the Fed had become immune to the effects of monetary stimulus. Each injection requiring a stronger, more potent dose of cheap & easy money. Less than two years later, and the effects of that stimulus have now waned & the banksters are poised to pull off another heist.

As the business cycle continues to ebb and flow until the day of final reckoning, the State can be expected to behave in an increasingly erratic fashion. Like a cornered cat, or a fish out of water, the State knows it’s in trouble and will do anything to survive. The more desperate the political class becomes, the more aspects of daily life they’ll attempt to control.

COVID-19 is merely a useful tool in this regard.

Trade and commerce have been among the first institutions to go. The masks that were once required for participation in civic life have given way to mysterious injections provided by old friends of Jeffrey Epstein & Nancy Pelosi’s drinking buddies.

Agorists have responded in kind.

Businesses that have forgone mask & vaccine requirements have leached market share from those that enforce them. I personally can attest to attending one very busy speakeasy in Manhattan’s Chinatown prior to escaping Bill DeBlasio’s tax plantation for the warm embrace of the Sunshine State.

Numerous businesses in lockdown states & countries that have defiantly stayed open were surprised to see their fines covered by voluntary fundraisers and their reputations soar among the plebs - sometimes elevating local businesses to national fame, as was the case with Atillis gym in dystopian New Jersey. Here again, we see the black market functioning.

When the fascist mask requirements failed to stop voluntary trade and commerce, the State outright prohibited it. All “non-essential” businesses (whatever the hell that means) were ordered to close, effectively forcing millions into poverty, foreclosure, and/or bankruptcy. The agorists were again prepared to deliver relief.

For years, ancaps have taken issue with the agorist characterization of salary work as wage-slavery. The scamdemic changed this. The case for entrepreneurship is now stronger than ever. Put simply, the State can’t use your job as leverage if you work for yourself.

But even for those unable, unwilling or just not ready to quit their jobs & embrace entrepreneurship, agorists have a solution nonetheless. Black market vaxx cards. We all know someone who has one & where to get one. This is because Agorists have made them readily available. Why? Because as the great Jeffrey Tucker puts it, the market loves you.

Let’s pause to appreciate the finer details of this. To whom did the public turn when Dementia-Joe revealed his scheme to force injections on the working class? The GOP? The Free State Project? Did they turn to the Libertarian Party or Nick Sarwak for help? The Mises Caucus?


Everyone instinctually turned to the black market, knowing full well that counter-economists would be there for them, providing the forged government papers necessary to carry on with their normal lives.

And we’ll continue to be here for you. Every step of the way, as the State enters the final stages of collapse.


  1. oliviarodrigomerchshopAnd we’ll continue to be here for you. Every step of the way, as the State enters the final stages of collapse.


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