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Weathering With You: An Agorist Perspective

If someone asked you what your favorite emotion was, how do you think you’d answer? For many people, I suspect they would answer “Happiness”, “Joy'', or some variant of exclusively positive emotion. Someone may think more meticulously and answer with “Contentment”, which while a positive emotion has a lot of nuance attached to it. However my answer to that question is what I feel others would consider more orthodox: Bittersweet. Pleasure accompanied by suffering, not exactly most people’s first pick but from my perspective pain is necessary in order to enjoy the pleasure that life gives you. Perhaps I'm over-romanticizing but there’s something to desire from looking back fondly at times where you were hurting and seeing yourself in a better place in the present. Perhaps you finally have moved on from “The one who got away” and can look back on those times with fondness. Perhaps you are sharing stories of a friend or family member at their funeral and though they may never w

Degenerate Agorism

Of course cultural degeneracy shouldn’t be “normalized.”

The fact is, the recent conversation propelled by some right-libertarians has been entirely fallacious from the get-go.

Cultural decline is the direct result of central bankers manipulating the rate of interest & in no way justifies the initiation of force on otherwise peaceful people.

It helps to understand the root causes of social phenomena. Degeneracy is a function of time preference. Those with a high time preference generally place a higher value on present conditions than future conditions. These folks are more likely to engage in risky behavior like drug use, sexual promiscuity, & binge eating - preferring present satisfaction over the long term consequences of their behavior.

In contrast, those with a lower time preference place a higher value on future conditions than present conditions. Since adults with children have a vested interest in future conditions, they tend to fall in this category. Also, since consumption delay is necessary to save the capital required to start a business, entrepreneurship is said to be a low-time preference activity as well. Attending religious services is another example, since the pious prefer to sacrifice the present Sabbath for the (hopefully) much later reward of eternal salvation.

In truth, there’s always a premium on present conditions. That is to say, we all prefer to consume now rather than later, since we may not even be around later on! What I’m trying to say is that consumption delay is an inherently risky activity & it is precisely this risk which is being rewarded with favorable conditions in the future.

All of this however comes undone when central bankers begin manipulating the rate of interest. When the interest rate is artificially lowered, the money supply increases, credit expands and the cost of money comes down. Since money seems more abundant than it actually is, people readjust their time preference. The costs associated with present consumption comes down, and the risk associated with saving appears exacerbated.

By increasing the supply of money, central bankers artificially induce a high time preference on individuals.

Perhaps I’ve grown conspiratorial, but it all seems by design. The state has a vested interest in a financially dependent population. Not to mention, the social safety nets that accompany cultural decline have provided the excuses needed to usher in the modern police-surveillance state.

Now, what of the right-libertarian campaign to vilify the degenerate?

First, as we’ve seen, the real culprits behind cultural decay are the central banksters infesting Wall Street, not the homeless man sleeping on your local park bench, or the sex worker trying to feed her family. The latter are victims, and no libertarian position - indeed, no moral position - can support the initiation of force upon them.

The only response - the consistent, agorist response - is to utilize alternative currencies in order to become your own bank. Simply put, stop using central bank notes! By switching your primary medium of exchange to sound money alternatives, you will incur upon yourself a host of benefits you never knew existed, all of which flow from having a lower time preference.

Check out this article I wrote - How I Became My Own Bank and How You Can Too

To summarize, the right-libertarian vilification of those with alternative lifestyles is misdirected. The true malefactor, the supervillain in this tragedy, is the same today as it has been since Act One - the Federal Reserve.

And the only way to stop the Federal Reserve is through agorism.


  1. Basically it’s the demoralization that has taken place in America, according to the communist invasion stratagem.
    The “Four Stages of Ideological Subversion,” have unfolded before our eyes and we are witnessing now the manifestation of the results this operation happening in real time. The Demoralization, Destabilization, Crises, and Normalization continuum has been in revolution in our country for over 50 years.
    This degenerate cultural decline is the product of this invasion.


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