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The Underlying Problem with Young Americans For Liberty

  The Underlying Problem with Young Americans For Liberty   Derrell McIver Warning: This article includes discussion and description of sexual harassment.   “Political power is not being chummy with politicians. To effect real change, you have to threaten a politician's power.” -anonymous This is a very difficult article for me to write. Going into college, I did not know how of any political organization that shared my values of Liberty. That was until I helped in the founding of a Young Americans for Liberty chapter and became a dues-paying-member. After a brief interest in the Libertarian Party, I realized that YAL and its associated organizations were the best chance we have at seeing Liberty in politics in our lifetimes. Some people will read this article and call it “cancel culture.” That is not the intent. For that very reason, I have not included the name of the sexual harasser. Instead he will be given the name ‘John’. My goal here is to call out the leaders

Against the LP

Agorism has no room for politics. 

The Agora & political institutions can coexist no more than a state of marriage & bachelorhood can coexist. Counter-economics & politicking are likewise mutually exclusive. Frankly, it should seem obvious that engaging in politics & anti-politics is contradictory & self-defeating. It wouldn’t make much sense to get chemo in the morning & smoke a pack of Marlboros in the evening, so why would one seek to destroy the government today, and empower it tomorrow? 

Just as a chemist who tests a logically inconsistent theory will experience failure, so too will social scientists & revolutionaries experience failure when they pursue inconsistent theories.  Note that without exception - every gain made by the liberty community in the past 15 years has been produced by the counter-economy & that no other faction of our movement can claim even a small victory. Here’s a brief look at the scoreboard:

Whereas the LP & small government types couldn’t even get an audit of the Fed passed, in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto’s White Paper brought an end to the Fed’s counterfeiting operation & currency controls in one, irreversible, fell swoop. Then in 2011, Ross Ulbricht combined Satoshi’s work with J. Neil Schulman’s agorist manifesto, Alongside Night, to give us the first truly free market mankind has ever known - a feat the unelectable, wannabe warlords from the Libertarian Party could only ever dream of accomplishing. A couple years later, in 2013, Cody Wilson did with his 3D printer what hundreds of millions of dollars in donations to “small government” politicians & gun-rights interest groups could never do: bring decisive & irreversible closure to the gun control debate. 

Not to mention, in 2008, entrepreneurs successfully disintermediated the cartelized hotel industry when they created AirBNB. A year later the state was sent into a similar frenzy when other entrepreneurs did the same to the taxi cartels & founded Uber. And of course, lest we forget, during this same time, massive waves of non-compliance & civil disobedience forced western states to ease drug laws.

And we're not done.

Soon, privacy coins & decentralized exchanges will free us from the burden of taxation altogether. Agorists will fix the broken health care system using medical tokens. We will eliminate the SEC's cartel of brokers, FINRA, using tokenized securities & assets, unleashing a wave of capital and innovation unlike anything the world has ever seen.

What victories can the LP claim? The secessionists? How about the boog bois? What have any of these groups done other than deprive the counter-economy of precious resources? Every dollar spent on the LP is a dollar not spent on subversion. Every moment spent promoting their failed ideology is a moment not spent promoting counter-economics. And every hour spent canvassing a neighborhood or working a phone bank, is an hour not spent onboarding merchants to crypto, selling locally grown food, or performing some other counter-economic task. 

Why Not Both?

Some may wonder, why not both? They fail to realize that nothing about the current state of affairs suggests that we have the luxury of wasting resources on inconsistent, failed approaches.

Others say the party should serve as a platform for the message, but one can’t spread the message of liberty while politicking anymore than one can promote property rights while robbing houses. When the goalposts are moved from ending all political institutions to tolerating those we find agreeable, we reduce ourselves to negotiating with state terrorists, or worse, we become them. 

To the agorist, this is an unacceptable blunder. Now more than ever, is the time for unity under the black & grey banner. We're all faced with a clear choice: Join the counter-economy or die in the clutches of state terror.

But What About Ron Paul?

That Ron Paul was so obviously the best candidate in both 2008 & 2012 and was nevertheless railroaded in an underhanded fashion, only proves the inefficacy of political attempts to limit government. Note that the state will allow one Ron Paul, or Thomas Massie, but never two...


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