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Weathering With You: An Agorist Perspective

If someone asked you what your favorite emotion was, how do you think you’d answer? For many people, I suspect they would answer “Happiness”, “Joy'', or some variant of exclusively positive emotion. Someone may think more meticulously and answer with “Contentment”, which while a positive emotion has a lot of nuance attached to it. However my answer to that question is what I feel others would consider more orthodox: Bittersweet. Pleasure accompanied by suffering, not exactly most people’s first pick but from my perspective pain is necessary in order to enjoy the pleasure that life gives you. Perhaps I'm over-romanticizing but there’s something to desire from looking back fondly at times where you were hurting and seeing yourself in a better place in the present. Perhaps you finally have moved on from “The one who got away” and can look back on those times with fondness. Perhaps you are sharing stories of a friend or family member at their funeral and though they may never w

Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

Like an overgrown jungle, the state has become so all encompassing that the path to reclaiming one's individual sovereignty can at times, be difficult to even see. Here is an attempt to clear the weeds. 

What follows are 3 simple steps everyone can take, designed to drastically reduce dependance on the parasitical, political class...

Step 1. Read Rothbard

Read Rothbard & Hoppe, to know & understand freedom.

This is the most difficult step, because it requires you to question everything you’ve ever been taught - from the moment of your birth up until now.

Understand Rothbard’s invocation of natural law in defense of Lockean homesteading theory. Then, learn why Rothbard said Hans Hoppe’s Argumentation Ethics made his natural law defense seem positively weak. When you understand this, you’re ready to move on.

Step 2. Be Your Own Bank

Be your own bank, because a Goldman Sachs debt slave can’t be free.

Cut your shackles & release yourself from the bondage of Federal Reserve banksters. The long & short of this step is to use a combination of precious metals & cryptocurrency to replace & upgrade your checking & savings accounts. Sounds daunting, no? Well, freedom is scary - but, making the transition to sound money will allow you to experience a host of life altering benefits that flow from having a lower time preference.

I detail the process of becoming your own bank here.

Step 3. Be Your Own Boss

Be your own boss, because wage slavery is still slavery.

All wage earners have a portion of their earnings automatically deducted by slaveholders from the political class. In order to minimize this robbery, individuals must position themselves to reclaim sovereignty over their earnings. This can only be done through entrepreneurship. Securing your own source of income liberates the individual from socialist relics like the 40-hour workweek or 8 hour workday.

Learn more about Entrepreneurship in these Agora episodes.

Make no mistake: The process of reclaiming your sovereignty doesn’t end here.

The general idea is to opt out of as many legacy systems & institutions that one possibly can, & to build our own competing societal framework. Your next step may be growing your own food, securing your own energy, & so on. The examples given here of becoming your own bank & becoming your own boss are merely two pillars, or milestones the individual must pass along the way to self-liberation.

Step 4. Liberate Others

Congratulations on completing steps 1-3! At this point, you’ve developed a keen understanding of freedom & an even sharper hatred of the state. By and large, you’ve extricated yourself from bondage & look back at your former slave life with disdain. You now have a choice: go about your life as you wish, or go back across enemy lines, raid the plantation, & liberate your friends, family & neighbors.

By all means, you’re free to take the former, lesser route. No one will look down on you for this. But, for those few who dare to venture back into the slave colonies & brave the whipping post to free their brothers & sisters - these heroes are called agorists.

And that journey begins here.


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